Wedding Planning on a Budget

Everybody dreams of a perfect wedding. You’re swept off your feet with lovely decor, lots of guests, and a tantalizing honeymoon. However, that’s not always the case. Because budgetary restraints may bar you from that picturesque wedding you ever dream of and see in the movies. Nevertheless, don’t be discouraged, you can still achieve a beautiful wedding on a budget by following these three simple tips, and you will live to cherish that memorable day.

  1. Strategic planning as the cornerstone of your wedding

A beautiful wedding needs lots of planning that’s even more true when you are on a budget.  Everything from the photographer to the venue costs money so you’re going to want to do some comparison shopping.  The further in advance you book the better deal you can negotiate.  Planning lets you decide what you must have and to weed out what you can live without or what you can do yourself.  Here are some tips on planning a wedding on a budget.

  1. Avoid unnecessary expenses

Well, don’t compromise too much on the basics of the wedding. However, avoid inviting loads of guests that you cannot manage to cater for and secure a venue. Seek advice from previous wedding hosts instead of hiring a wedding planner and look for affordable alternatives. There is no need to go exorbitant on the rings, dresses, and suits. Search for rental gowns and suits if you’re too stretched. Otherwise, you can purchase them off the rack. The secret is to keep to the budget is to keep extravagances at a minimum.

  1. Innovate and save money on what is essential to you

It’s an American tradition for the couple to receive gifts from friends and family. I would not discourage these, although, instead of tons of stuff you already have at your apartment. Why don’t they share the gifts in the form of capital to fund your simple honeymoon or to put in place for paying for other aspects of the wedding? Saving money on features that can be done by someone close to you would also be great. Such as performing the wedding on grounds you don’t have to rent and allowing catering to be done by a simple restaurant. The money saved from all these expenses might be used to pay for other parts of your wedding.

Consequently, after implementing all those tips, you realize that you have mastered the basic principles of establishing a budget, including saving, planning, and avoid unnecessary expenses. All these will ensure you plan a stress-free day for your better half.

Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?


A destination wedding is a wedding that takes place in a place far away from your hometown. This venue could be in your home country or abroad. Destination weddings have become popular among many Americans over the past few years, perhaps for the fact that they offer the couple an opportunity to travel and possibly to proceed to the honeymoon right after the wedding.

However, before you choose to do a destination wedding, it is imperative that you cross the t’s and dot the i’s. So, is a destination wedding right for you? Read on to find out.

When It Could Work

Where you have enough money to spare – It is an open secret that the main thing which turns people off from destination weddings is the cost factor. These weddings will make you incur way too many costs. From travelling expenses to hiring a wedding planner as well as the actual wedding expenses. However, if your budget is big enough to accommodate all the projected expenses, why not give destination weddings a shot?

Where the destination is a point of interest – At times, you might have a sentimental attachment with the destination the wedding is taking place. Perhaps this is the place where you were born, met your partner or better yet, it could be the very place you are planning to go on a honeymoon. In such cases, destination weddings would work wonders. If it is a place that reminds you of some glorious past moments, this is the time to bring back the nostalgia. And if it is a place to which you would like to proceed on a honeymoon, which would be a few bucks saved.

Where you have a wedding planner – One of the most common drawbacks to destination weddings is the apparent lack of understanding of the venue in question. However, why would you care about understanding the venue when a wedding planner can do it for you? You can commit everything to them and only show up on the D-day or a couple of days prior to your wedding.

When It Could Not Work?

We have looked at some typical scenarios when a destination wedding would work. However, you shouldn’t consider doing a destination wedding under the following circumstances.

Where your budget is constrained – If you really are struggling to cut down on your budget, it would be more imperative to have a hometown wedding. This is a perfect way of cutting on unnecessary expenditure such as travel costs.

Where there could be serious cultural differences – This is something not many proponents of destination weddings give a thought to. Imagine travelling to do a wedding in a country where your staple foods are considered exotic. Not only will it be difficult to have them prepared, but sourcing for these foods would be a trouble in itself. Would you be happy to compromise your big day to that extent? I guess not.

Before going on a destination wedding, assess your strengths and weaknesses. Determine whether the venue adds to your finances and overall happiness. If not, shun the idea and do a wedding in your hometown.