How to Determine the Budget for Your Wedding

Creating a wedding essential budget is a brilliant way to keep on track with your spending during your wedding event. Below are some of the things you need to consider in order to be able in a position to determine the amount to budget for your wedding.

Guests to be invited

This is one of the most important factors you need to pay attention to when planning your wedding. In order to estimate the budget, you have to first determine the number of people you wish to invite to your ceremony. The guest list determines the volume of space required so as to accommodate your well-wishers, the quantity of food to be prepared by the caterers for the reception meal as well as other major budgetary considerations. If you invite fewer people your budget will be small and vice versa

Your Finances

If you and your fiance are planning to cater for all the wedding costs, then you must first determine the amount each can contribute comfortably to the budget without straining a lot. Ensure the budget you set is within your limits as its not a good decision to start a marriage in debt. Money is usually the key factor when budgeting for your wedding and setting a very big budget may lead to confusion. As a couple, it will equip you with adequate experience on how to resolve money issues immediately after you’re married.

Verify if others will contribute to your wedding expenses

It’s common for bride and groom’s families to cater for some expenses if not all. If you are afraid of requesting your parents for cash, you may also find it difficult to ask them to buy certain items such as wedding cake, in fact, you need to allow them to pick up the tab for the rehearsal dinner. In spite of your parents providing cover for certain wedding expenses its important to have others contribute to your wedding budget as this will resolve financial constraint problems such as limited cash flow.

Open a wedding account to monitor the spending

Once you have put all your wedding funds together, you will need to keep them in a bank account which is meant to pay the wedding expenses. This will enable you to separate your everyday money from other funds meant to facilitate the wedding ceremony.

The above are some of the factors you need to consider when determining your wedding budget. They will enable you to avoid confusion when planning your wedding budget.